A Culture of Safety

Around the world the construction industry is recognized as being one of the most hazardous industries in which to work. The challenge is to conduct operations without harm to people directly and indirectly involved with its activities.

Montgomery wanted to be the safest contractor in the Memphis area. Protecting employees, his most valued asset, was his priority. That commitment hasn’t changed. It continues to be enhanced, and improved, daily.
— Donna S. Pearson, Pearson Safety

A Way Of Life

Providing a safe work environment for everyone is our primary concern at Montgomery Martin Contractors. Both clients and workers benefit from our proven safety program. We firmly believe that a safe work place is the key to operational excellence and eliminates injuries and property damage with the additional benefit of reducing operating costs. Our philosophy is to never let up in our safety efforts and to achieve our best every day.

It is because of the care and responsibility we have for everyone onsite or near our projects we continue to rely on our 20-year relationship with Pearson Safety Services to assure accountability and risk mitigation for all field operations, subcontractors, vendors and project owners.


Above and Beyond

Going above and beyond to eliminate accidents is the aim everyday for everyone on a Montgomery Martin job site. Our safety program exceeds OSHA requirements which raises the bar on the commitment to safety. Excellence in safety is not a goal, it is an expectation. We establish this expectation from the start. Utilizing a professional team that is led by a Certified Safety Professional, our safety training is an on-going, integrated part of our culture. Every employee receives the very best in on and off site training prior to working on any project.

Our project teams lead by example, placing safety first in their daily work activities. Site specific project safety plans are developed, taking into account the specific safety requirements and environment of each project.