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H. Montgomery Martin, President / CEO

As President and CEO, Montgomery brings over 30 years of building construction management to the company. Currently, he coordinates and directs all aspects of the company’s objectives and policies. It is his responsibility to be certain that the company has the ability to make and keep all of its commitments. He works with the executive team to coordinate the company’s operations, finances, business development, and client relations. He fosters the development of new markets, assists Division Managers with market initiatives and analyzes business growth opportunities. Montgomery also assists Owners and Architects in early-stage financial feasibility studies and defining project objectives. Montgomery is a graduate of Auburn University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Building Science. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute Memphis, Lambda Alpha International Land Economic Society and the Memphis World Trade Club. Montgomery is also an elder in his church and serves on the Board of Directors at WKNO, Neighborhood Christian Center and Third Millennium Ministries.

Richard T. Meena, Vice-President, Director of Preconstruction


As the Director of Preconstruction, Richard oversees all project management and preconstruction, including estimating, bidding and contracts. He hires, trains and supervises the estimating team to provide the best value for our client’s construction dollar. He also works with project managers to accomplish innovative, economical solutions for potential budget-impact issues that arise during construction. As a former project manager, Richard understands the needs of the on-site team are best met through proper planning of construction projects. His team works in concert with Architects and Owners to achieve a “project on a paper” that is not only constructible, but also economically responsible and of the highest possible quality. Richard holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Mississippi, with additional studies in Building Science at Auburn University. He is active in his church and serves on the Board of Directors at Streets Ministries.

Jeff Emerson, Vice President of Operations

As a former owner/manager of a construction company with over 25 years of industry experience, Jeff is familiar with all facets of construction and the business of construction. Serving as Director of Operations, Jeff works with MMC's project management team to ensure consistent project delivery standards, monitors internal project reporting, and assists project managers with any issues that may arise. Jeff oversees all construction activities and works with the project team to create and implement all scheduled activities for the project. He also ensures that all design and construction processes are executed to meet the contract requirements. Prior to joining MMC, Jeff was involved in many noteworthy Memphis construction projects including the St. Jude Patient Care Facility, Research Tower and parking garage. Jeff is a graduate of Murray State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Technology. Jeff is active in his church and served as past Board President at Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal School.