As we approach the end of 2016 and another successful year, it would be easy to simply focus on the future and what 2017 has to offer. In many ways, that approach is easier. Reflection isn't always as picky as we'd like, and sometimes the valleys are brought into sharper focus than the peaks.

Fortunately for us, 2016 was a historic year for Montgomery Martin Contractors. We turned 21. We completed the largest land-moving project in our history at Shelby Farms. We welcomed new ownership partners, and, we defined our Core Purpose and Core Values as an organization. Furthermore, we built a ton of stuff and had some fun, too. So yes, 2016 was a great year for our company and deserving of a little reflection.

As always, we could not have accomplished any of this without our staff, their supporting families, our subcontractors, our vendors and, most importantly, all of our clients who have chosen to rely on us to build their structures. For that, we are ever grateful. 

We wish all of you a happy New Year and wonderful start to 2017.