Pressbox Lofts Named 2015 Memphis Business Journal Building Memphis Project of the Year
Pressbox Lofts Named 2015 Memphis Business Journal Building Memphis Project of the Year
Pressbox Lofts Named 2015 Memphis Business Journal Building Memphis Project of the Year

Memphis Business Academy, South Junction Apartments and Pressbox Lofts Win 2015 Memphis Business Journal Building Memphis Awards

We are proud for the ownership, architects, construction and project teams for all the projects named finalists for the 2015 Memphis Business Journal Building Memphis awards. We are also extremely excited for the owners and project team for the projects that won their categories Tuesday night, as well as Casey Hill and Left Field Properties, owner of Toof Building Redevelopment "Pressbox Lofts" which was named the 2015 Memphis Business Journal Building Memphis Project of the Year. We are grateful for the hard work, commitment and heart of the Montgomery Martin Contractor project teams that continue to prove they are among the best in the industry. 

South Junction Apartments

Winner Best Public Private Project (Small)

The South Junction project began with a vision of a group led by Downtown developer Henry Turley to transform the long-vacant area that is on the route of a proposed bicycling and walking route linking Downtown with West Memphis.

The property, which covers 5.58 acres, had been a target of previous development efforts that fell flat. Its challenges were compounded by railroad underpasses on two of the intersection's approaches and dilapidated public Infrastructure that surrounded the areaWith the goal of increasing the supply of multi-family rental units in the South End neighborhood, thus adding vibrancy and people-activity to the neighborhood, South Junction was born.

The new community targets a diverse focus group for a multi-family projectyoung professionals and those of all ages committed to vibrant city center living, downtown workers, those who take interest in alternate types of transit or enjoy an outdoor living environment.

Owner/Developer: Henry Turley Co. and South Junction Partners

Project cost: $14 million

General contractor: Montgomery Martin Contractors

Architect: Looney Ricks Kiss

Memphis Business Academy Gym

(Best Public/Private Project Small Category)

Memphis Business Academy Gym by Montgomery Martin Contractors of Memphis

Owner/Developer: Memphis Business Academy Charter School

Project cost: $3.8 million

General contractors: Bricks Inc. and Montgomery Martin Contractors

Architect: Self Tucker Architects

Pressbox Lofts


Best Conversion/Renovation (Large Category)

In 1912, the S.C. Toof & Company Printers began construction on a headquarters building at 195 Madison Avenue, in the architectural style of the Chicago School. With emphasis on function over ornament, the building was made to last with steel-frame construction under masonry cladding.  And last it did – in 1982 the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  In the new millennium, the building was integrated into designs for AutoZone Park, a stadium reminiscent of classic American city ball fields.

Around 2008, the current owners worked with UrbanArt Commission to turn the building’s east façade into a canvas for world-renowned artist Jeff Zimmerman who teamed with local artists to create the mural, "A Note for Hope." – which is among the most recognizable works of public art in Memphis.  The mural indeed brought hope to the Toof Building.  Not long after, work began to carefully plan and convert the space into Pressbox, giving it new life while maintaining its historic charm.  Once known informally as “The Mural Building,” the building is now called Pressbox Lofts and houses 50 loft apartments totaling 38,750 square-feet as well as 2,500 sq-ft of street-level commercial space.

The loft apartments at Pressbox include  studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom floor plans, ranging from 560 to 1,290 square-feet.  Interiors feature original masonry walls, concrete columns, and restored wood floors married with modern fixtures and finishes.  Where high ceilings permitted, elevated loft spaces with alternating tread access ladders were tucked above bathrooms.  Color schemes were inspired by historic industrial hues.  Found printing equipment has been repurposed as décor in common areas. 

Rebranding the place as Pressbox brought together past, present and future.  The cyan/ magenta/ yellow/ black logo ties to both the “CMYK” of four color printing as well as colors prominent in the mural, while the name speaks to the ballpark outside.

On the trolley line along the emergent Madison Avenue corridor between the Downtown Core and the Edge, Pressbox leased at an exceptionally fast pace.

The completion of this project turned a once vacant and dilapidated building into a vibrant space that will further enhance the redevelopment of downtown Memphis – increasing population, commercial property values and commerce in the surrounding area.

Owner/Developer: Left Field Properties

Project cost: $5.5 million

General contractor: Montgomery Martin Contractors

Architect: Looney Ricks Kiss

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